Our Vision

To lead the development and integration of innovations that will define and enable sustainable mobility in the 21st century balancing environmental, societal and economic needs.

The Initiative

Deep Orange is a framework that immerses graduate automotive engineering students into the world of a future OEM and/or supplier. Working collaboratively, students, multi-disciplinary faculty, and participating industry partners focus on producing a new vehicle prototype each year. Each project incorporates integrating breakthrough product innovations and new processes – providing the automotive engineering students with hands-on experience in vehicle design, engineering, prototyping and production from the time they enter into the academic program until graduation.

Strategic Focus

Conduct interdisciplinary research that addresses industry, and societal challenges and opportunities related to the integration of automotive technologies. Develop and maintain an educational program that demonstrates the impact of research innovations in automotive design and development, electronics, manufacturing and systems integration. Implement infrastructure capabilities that attract leading edge R&D partners from industry to create an ecosystem for sustainable mobility accelerating the transformation process of the automotive industry.